Robin Riendeau

Owner / Designer / Account Executive

A true artist sees beauty in everything and everyone. They seek to communicate their visions to those who do not possess this gift. From the time she was a child, Robin has been writing, painting, crafting and creating. She believes wholeheartedly, that each life has a purpose, and hers is to showcase slices of everyday life, to communicate through written letters and colors. Her goal is to coax the consumer’s eyes to stop and focus, on a gem, your business, perhaps, amongst a sea of information, technology, and chaos.

Robin graduated from Phillips Academy in Andover MA in 1982 with strong concentrations in art and literature. She immediately immersed herself in the workforce. Exploring the printing and advertising industries, and finally settling for a combination of the two, in her favorite occupation, sign making.  Growing a business and a family hasn’t always been the simplest of tasks, but it is indeed rewarding, and this satisfaction is apparent in her work. Our customers enjoy her honesty (although sometimes brutal) and her candid sense of humor.

As communication is one of her strong suits, figuring out what a customer wants, and then blending that with what they need, is just one of the things that make working with Robin an unforgettable experience. She has a knack, like a good talk show hostess, or psychotherapist, for getting our customers to show their true colors, asking the right questions at the right time.  Our customers sometimes come in to the shop with no idea of what they want, and always walk away satisfied and happy, with a finished product, perhaps a logo, a banner, or sign, that is exactly what they need. For Robin, meeting customers is truly enjoyable and interesting and each project is a new adventure.