Karen Libby

Graphic Designer / Account Executive karen@ahpeel.com

It’s common knowledge that when someone is good at what they do, they make it look easy. If you are lucky enough to have Karen work on your project, you’re in for a treat. Starting with just a few words, she will breathe life into your ideas and nurture them. Before long, and with seemingly minimal effort, she’ll combine typestyles and colors in a unique way, creating an identity, a masterpiece.

Karen is as skilled with a brush as she is with computer graphics. She graduated with honors from Butera School of Art in Boston, MA. Trained in classical sign making techniques, she embraces tradition.  She adheres to the “old school” rules of composition while adding her own racy flair. This might have to do with the many weekends spent at the drag strip with her parents as a little girl. She has always liked fast cars and bright graphics. She has known, for over half her life,  that she wanted to create those graphics.

Although her schedule at Banana Banners is almost always full, with projects brought to her from many of our satisfied, repeat customers, chances are good that she’ll answer your e-mail, or the phone when you call. You’ll be greeted by her bubbly personality and sharp intellect. As she asks all the pertinent questions about your project, her wheels will start spinning and before you know it, you’ll be on your own sign making journey. With Karen in the creative “driver’s seat”, there’s no such thing as a wrong turn so sit back and enjoy the ride!